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Landulph parish comprises the village of Cargreen and the rural parts of Landulph, situated on the banks of the river Tamar.  It is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, surrounded by Duchy of Cornwall land, and with Pentillie Castle and its 2000 acre estate to the north.  It lies next to the adjoining parishes of Botus Fleming, St Mellion and Pillaton.

The parish has a population in excess of 500.  It contains the Parish Church of St Leonards, the Landulph Methodist Church and a vibrant village primary school.  There is a thriving Yacht Club and, central to community activities, is Landulph Memorial Hall.  The hall is used for many events throughout the year, and provides a base for activities including the Film Club, Gardening Club, the Under Fives and Toddler Groups. 

Down by the riverside at Penyoke lies a playing field and a well-equipped playground for younger children.

Parish History
Cargreen was originally a thriving fishing and mercantile port, bringing prosperity to the whole of Landulph parish.  In the early 20th century, the landlord of the Royal Oak public house (which was situated on the quayside) also worked the ferry boat operation from Cargreen to Bere Ferrers, where travellers caught the train to Plymouth.

The community comprised of a number of farms and market gardens raising livestock, growing arable crops, soft fruit and daffodils, although these are no longer grown commercially today.  There is a small light industrial site near Landulph Cross.

Landulph Parish Church is one of  four churches in the United Benefice of St Dominick, Landulph and St Mellion with Pillaton.  The Landulph Methodist Church dates back over a hundred and thirty years.  The beautiful organ was built in 1850, and installed after the building of the Methodist Church.

The village of Cargreen used to have four shops and a post office, all of which have now closed.  There were once two public houses, but the last survivor the Crooked Spaniards (formerly the Royal Oak) closed in 2007.

Landulph Primary School has approximately 65 pupils from around the district and is now linked to as part of a multi-academy.  The school building incorporates a memorial to those who died in the Great War a striking clock, which is maintained by the Parish Council.

The Village Memorial Hall was built in 1970 to commemorate the second world war.  In 1972, the Yacht Club was formed, moving into a new clubhouse in 1995.  In 2000, in order to mark the millennium, a Celtic Cross was erected overlooking the crossroads by the school.

Landulph Parish Council was formed in 1894.  As a statutory body, it operates within the powers granted by local government legislation.

Latest News

Forthcoming Parish Council meetings

Monday 15th February at 7.30pm - Landulph Parish Council meeting.  This Parish Council meeting will be held virtually.  If you wish to attend, please contact the Parish Clerk or a Parish Councillor, who can email you with the link and details for the virtual meeting (or alternatively the telephone number if you wish to join by phone). The agenda and previous minutes are available here.

Dates for 2021:  15th March, 19th April, 17th May, 21st June, 19th July, 20th September, 18th October, 15th November, 20th December

Please note: Landulph Parish will continue to keep its meeting dates scheduled into the diary. Closer to each meeting date the Parish Council will decide whether a meeting is required, and how that meeting will take place, following the latest Government guidance in relation to the COVID-19 emergency. The Parish Council will publish its agenda and meeting format on this website, the Parish noticeboards, and on the 'Landulph Innit' Facebook page.
Parish Council statement re COVID-19 Following the presentation regarding COVID-19 at the Parish Council meeting on 16th March, the Parish Council is anxious to do whatever it can to help parishioners at this extraordinary and difficult time. With the current advice to self isolate, the Parish needs to work together to help our senior and vulnerable parishioners through what may be a protracted period of time. Disregard of Government advice, panic buying, abuse of retail workers and hateful social media posts ~ these are all very sad symptoms of the current situation. We all should and must try to spread positivity and kindness through these difficult times. Anxiety is high and we must all think how our words may affect someone coping with the pressure of a sick relative, a key job, or isolation. After all this is over......all that really matters is how we treat each other.

The Parish Council is being proactive in trying to ensure that everyone gets the critical help they may need. There is ongoing advice via Landulph Innit Facebook Page. We have set up a Parish WhatsApp Group for instant messaging to 50+ Community Volunteers who are able to support the Landulph Parish Community. 
Furthermore, we are distributing #ViralKindness cards (included in this newsletter) to all residents to enable those who don't have Internet access a way to get in touch. For your reference, to access help directly, contact Martin Worth (Chairman) 07949 208055 or Roger Pugh (Co-ordinator) 07753 719483.

We urge all of you to look out for your neighbours. Please take every precaution, and wash your hands regularly to ensure you are spreading only kindness. Keep up to date with the latest government guidelines, and avoid physical and close contact (2m distance apart).

Parish Council members' contact details are available here.

Caradon Coronavirus Support: List of local support, and local shops and producers who can deliver locally (please note this list is being regularly updated). The list is available here.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK: The Government's interactive map where you can browse cases data for specific areas in the UK is available at

Penyoke Children's Play Area will be open from Saturday 4th July. COVID-19 important notice. The play area can be used at your own risk. Landulph Parish Council advises the following precautions: Do not use if you or family have any symptoms of COVID-19; do not enter if the play area looks busy; maintain social distancing; maintain good hand hygiene - use hand sanitizer regularly; do not shout or yell as it spreads virus droplets; do not eat drink or smoke within the play area; take all litter home with you; stay within your 'social bubble' if possible. Please note: rain and ultra violet light are cleaning the equipment naturally - but please feel free to bring your own cleaning equipment and wipes for further reassurance.

The Book Exchange in Cargreen will be open from Saturday 4th July. Risk of COVID-19 transmission off surfaces and books. Please don't use if you have symptoms of COVID-19 - stay home, self isolate, get tested. The risk of transmission from books covered in plastic is negligible after 72 hours. The risk of transmission from books covered with a cardboard/paper cover is negligible after 24 hours. Maintain social distancing at all times. Maintain hand hygiene. The onus is on users if you wish to use your own cleaning equipment.

Landulph Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendum results - are available on the Cornwall Council's website

Cornwall Council's Home Choice Housing Register is available on the Cornwall Council website


Emergency Procedure for Defibrillator:  In the case of a suspected heart attack / cardiac arrest DIAL 999.  If appropriate apply CPR and ask someone to collect the defibrillator from Landulph Memorial Hall.  Usage instructions, ENTER 1111 then press the tick on the keypad to open the box, remove defibrillator.  The unit is designed to be used by anyone, when the unit is opened, voice instruction will guide the user through the process.

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