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Welcome to the official website of Landulph Parish Council

Next Parish Council meeting - Monday 17 June 2024 at 6.30pm

The next parish council meeting is at Landulph Memorial Main Hall on Monday 17 June 2024 at 6.30pm.

Dates for 2024 Parish Council meetings: 15 January, 19 February, 18 March, 15 April, 20 May, 17 June, 15 July, 16 September, 21 October, 18 November, 16 December.

The agenda and previous minutes are available here

Contractor sought for the cutting of Public Rights of Way in the parish of Landulph 2024-25

Landulph Parish Council is seeking contractor quotations for the cutting of Public Rights of Way (public footpaths) in the parish of Landulph.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 16th June, 5pm.

Further details are available in the contract document, contractor schedule and map - please contact Katherine Williams - Landulph Parish Clerk if you have any questions.

Contract quotation document (pdf)

Map of the footpaths to be cut (pdf)

Contractor Schedule to be completed by the successful contractor after the work is undertaken (pdf)

Bus routes for the parish

On Mondays (exc Bank Holidays) bus number 454 from Cargreen to Saltash Station and Saltash Fore Street and Callington Road leaves at 8:55 from quay and returns from Saltash Fore Street at 1435.
Bus pass can be used on this bus

On Wednesdays the Shopper Hopper from Cargreen to Carkeel shops leaves at 11:00 from the corner of Coombe Lane and Fore Street. It returns from Waitrose at 13:00. Cost is £3 return.

All buses are operated by Saltash Red Bus and can be hailed enroute. Shopper Hopper delivers passengers with shopping to their house.

454 Timetable (pdf)

Tamar Connections Timetable (pdf)

Bus Trips for May/June/July organised by Saltash Red Bus (pdf)

New play equipment at Penyoke Playpark

Landulph Parish Council has been fortunate to be awarded a grant from Cornwall Council towards new equipment at Penyoke Playpark. Some of the play items at the Park are made from wood which over the years have rotted and deteriorated and in some cases become dangerous and had to be removed.

Last year the Trim Trail at the lower end of the Park by the river was replaced in recycled plastic. Using the recent grant funding, and money contributed by Landulph Parish Council, the next piece of equipment to be changed will be the large play frame which includes the slide. This will be replaced with a very similar item which also has
a slide, a raised clatter bridge and hanging ring hoops and again is made from recycled
plastic. A cone climber will also be installed for the older children to use.

Please note: It is planned that work should commence around mid June 2024 and will take between two to four weeks to complete. Areas of the park will have to be fenced off whilst the work is carried out but it is hoped that access to the lower end of the playpark will still continue.

Landulph Parish Community Volunteers

To access help directly, contact Martin Worth (Chairman) 07949 208055.

Home Choice

Cornwall Council's Home Choice Housing Register is available on the Cornwall Council website - see the link below.

Cornwall Council - Home Choice

Emergency Procedure for Defibrillator

In the case of a suspected heart attack or cardiac arrest DIAL 999. If appropriate apply CPR and ask someone to collect the defibrillator from Landulph Memorial Hall. Usage instructions, ENTER 1111 then press the tick on the keypad to open the box, remove defibrillator. The unit is designed to be used by anyone, when the unit is opened, voice instruction will guide the user through the process.

There is also a defibrillator at Cargreen Yacht Club, Coombe Lane (this is located on the front wall of the building before your reach the front doors, this unit is left unlocked so no unlock code is required).

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