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Views of Cargreen in the Parish of Landulph

Parish Councillors

Chairman Martin Worth

17 Hodders Way, Cargreen, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6NY
Tel: 07949 208055

Vice Chairman Philip Braund

Meadow Lodge, Coombe Lane, Cargreen, Saltash PL12 6PB
Tel: 01752 847793

Councillor Gaye Braund

Tamarind, Penyoke, Cargreen, Saltash PL12 6PA
Tel: 01752 847774

Councillor Andrew Butcher

Three Corner Meadow PL12 6PA
Tel: zero774zero8664zero4

Councillor Rose Cradick

Tamara, Landulph, Saltash PL12 6QQ
Tel: 01752 843257

Councillor Marilyn Dennis

6 Coombe Drive, Cargreen PL12 6PD
Tel: 01752 840045

Councillor Martin Holmes

Kerensa, Landulph, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6NE
Tel: 07970 618188

Cornwall Councillor for St Germans and Landulph: Councillor Jesse Foot, tel. 07449 372274, email

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