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Pedalling to Raise Funds - Day 35 onwards

Day 35 Feb 11 Kuala Lumpur to Senawang (82 km)

Left KL early 6.30 am and made good progress to a half way point, Senawang towards Malacca. Hotel booked through 'agoda'. Waiting to check in at 3 pm after a few Tigers.

Day 36 Feb 12 Senawang to Malaka (90 km)

Senawang to Malaka 90 km. Rest day tomorrow in Malaka before moving on to Singapore the day after, our final destination.  River leisure - restaurants, bars, boating a 'cool dude' touting for customers.

Day 37 Feb 13 Rest day in Malala

Looking at Malaka at Chinese New Year - 'tourist fever'.  Vibrant rickshaws so loud in many ways !

Day 37 Feb 14 Malaka to Batu Pahat (101 km)

Traditional houses like this were built of wood and raised up on pillars for good reason. One this aided ventilation and two it doubled the floor area for storage and very often in farming areas livestock, chickens, goats, cows were kept for the family.

Day 38 Feb 15 Batu Pahat to Pontian (75 km)

Uneventful ride, edging closer to Singapore. Weather cooler with rain forecast later this afternoon - a welcome change from 35 c with high humidity. A Rambutan fruit seller.

Day 39 Feb 16 Pontian to Johor Bahru (70 km)

 A more eventful day. Came to a dead end - we carried on - had to cross a plantation - onto a major state highway - stopped by the police - bikes not allowed - passports checked then a quick exit off the motorway- lucky not to be fined.  In JB to find a hotel before crossing into Singapore.

Day 40 Feb 17 Johor Bahru to Singapore (34 km)

Across the causeway. We have arrived, journey's end. 2600 km in total. 08/01/24 to 17/02/24.

The Merlion - The Merlion is a mythical creature and symbolises Singapore's origins. The head represents the citiy's original name Singapura.

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