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Views up river from the quay at Cargreen

Using a Thermal Camera to identify cold spots

Thermal images of loft hatch and of underfloor heating pipes

Landulph Parish Council has recently purchased a FLIR One Pro thermal camera for LPCAG to use.  This thermal camera combines an ordinary digital picture with an infrared picture so that you can see temperature differences represented by colour shading combined with an outline of the background.  Thermal cameras have many uses but LPCAG will be using it to help residents in our local community identify cold spots in their homes.  Once identified, simple insulation (eg draft excluders or extra loft insulation) targeted at these cold spots can keep your home warmer and save on heating costs.

Loft hatches and exterior doors are common sources of cold air.  The pictures above were taken with LPCAG's thermal camera.  The colour ranges from blue (cold) to yellow (warm).  The temperature of the coldest point around the loft hatch is shown (12 degrees centigrade) and the warmest point (19.3 degrees centigrade).  The warmest point is actually the metal catch that holds up the loft hatch and shows hotter because shiny surfaces radiate more heat.  Another use of thermal cameras is to identify where hot or cold water pipes run.  

If you would like members of LPCAG to come and take thermal photographs of some aspect of your house for you, please contact Clare Tagg ( to arrange a visit. Please note, LPCAG are not experts in thermal imaging and cannot provide advice on the interpretation of these images. 

18th January 2023