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Views up river from the quay at Cargreen

Coombe Corner

Members of the Parish Council's LPCAG have become official Cormac volunteers with responsibility for the corner of land between Coombe Drive and Coombe Lane. Amanda Pugh had already planted up an old dinghy to create a space for pollinators and increase biodiversity by creating a wildlife corridor to her nearby garden.This has been very successful:

Planted boat at Coombe Corner

  • Echiums planted as a backdrop to the boat when flowering attracted six different species of bee visiting over the summer.
  • Verbena, the tall pink variety, has drawn in many different butterflies.
  • Open flowers of a daisy form attract pollinators, including the Cape Daisy that is often grown as an annual but here in Cornwall in the mild weather is a perennial.
  • Agapanthus is a favourite of the hummingbird hawk moth which visits us from the Mediterranean in the Summer and these have been spotted in Coombe Corner during the month of July.

The Parish Council will install a noticeboard for it's Climate Action Group to describe what species people can see as they walk down the lane. Once the notice board is erected, look out for climate news and an interactive way you can record what you see at Coombe Corner during the seasons.

5th December 2022