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Landulph Parish Council

Duke Orchard

The first field above the church, Duke Orchard (///harmless.tanked.proved), will primarily be an orchard containing about 60 apple, pear, plum, cherry, damson and nut trees.  Planting was completed in March 2024 and in time we hope it will look like this.  There will be a firm path from Church Lane to a shelter with seating and a lovely view of the church.  The grass between the trees will be left long in summer to encourage wild flowers to grow but with mown paths between the trees and additional seating areas.

The official opening is on 27 April 2024 at 13:00.  In the meantime, please don't go in the orchard unless you are a volunteer.  To become a volunteer, please see:

January 14 2024 - Volunteers planting trees

Steve Pearson shows us how to plant a fruit tree:

About 20 volunteers divided into groups and we planted 46 fruit trees (apples, pears and plums).  Phillida provided a welcome tea break.

The remaining 14 trees (cherries and damsons) funded by the FIPL grant have now been planted.  A list of the trees and a description of the varieties are attached as pdfs.

January 2024 - New hedge

A new hedge has been planted at the top of Duke Orchard - in time this will protect visitors from falling into the lane.  It was planted on the soil removed when creating the path and picnic spaces.  The hedge consists of:

It has also been planted with daffodils and snowdrops.

March 2024 - Blossom

Despite a very wet and windy spring, this plum tree in the orchard is in blossom.

Descriptions of trees planted in Duke Orchard (pdf)

Numbered list of trees planted in Duke Orchard (pdf)

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