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Landulph Orchard Green Volunteers

The whole idea of Landulph Orchard Green (LOG) is that it will be developed by the community for the community.  A Working Group of Landulph Parish Council looks after the day to day development of LOG, reporting to the Parish Council. The LOG Working Group consists of:  Martin Worth (chair), Rebecca Best, Andrew and Jo Butcher, Gill Manning Cox, Jill Evans, Phillida Jermain, Steve Pearson, Clare Tagg.

There is a group of volunteers who are helping with the development of LOG; this means doing everything from planting trees to making tea and regularly or just occasionally.  Phillida Jermain keeps a list of the volunteers and will email when there are jobs that need doing.

How to volunteer

If you are interested in giving a helping hand, no matter how infrequently then all you need to do is agree to the following points:

  • You have read and understood the Parish Council's safeguarding policy
  • You work as a LOG volunteer at your own risk
  • You will make sure there is a first aid kit and mobile phone when working on site (if necessary borrow a first aid kit from the porch of Tamarisk - opposite the now closed pub at the bottom of Fore Street) 
  • Please use your own tools
  • Please check what is needed to be done at the time (and what is not) with one of the members of the Working Group listed above
  • You agree to your details being stored on a list of LOG Volunteers which may be shared with other members of the LOG Working Group

Please email your acceptance of the above six points to

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