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Views up river from the quay at Cargreen

Climate Matters: Transport for All - Electric Vehicles, Buses and Footpaths

Our second winter event is very topical and focuses on transport matters, particularly in our local parish.  Again, there will be lots of opportunities to ask questions.

During the talk and discussions we covered:

  • the results of the transport survey which was completed by 103 residents - the results will be posted here in due course
  • Transport for Cornwall which coordinates public transport in Cornwall
  • changes to our local buses in April
  • Mike Finch from Saltash Red Bus explained how this service has grown and now provides all kinds of bus services (including Landulph School bus, 452/454 and now the Wednesday Hopper Shopper bus)
  • the development of Treledan and the implication for walking and cycling to Carkeel
  • the new Landulph PROW volunteer group looking after our footpaths
  • Electric Vehicle Charging

See the pdf for the presentation.

Transport for All Presentation (pdf)

4th March 2024