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Duke Orchard

The first field above the church, Duke Orchard, will primarily be an orchard containing about 40 apple, pear, plum, cherry, damson and nut trees.  Planting will start this winter and in time we hope it will look like this.  There will be a firm path from Church Lane to a shelter with seating and a lovely view of the church.  The grass between the trees will be left long in summer to encourage wild flowers to grow but with mown paths between the trees and additional seating areas.

The orchard is being planted in January.  There will be an official opening once the weather is warmer and the trees are starting to grow.  In the meantime, please don't go in the orchard unless you are a volunteer.  To become a volunteer, please see:

January 14 2024 - Volunteers planting trees

Steve Pearson shows us how to plant a fruit tree:

  • loosen the soil in the hole
  • make sure the hole is the right depth - don't cover the base of the tree
  • take tree out of pot and gently loosen soil around roots and put in hole
  • sprinkle some bonemeal (but not on roots)
  • fill up with soil (not weeds) and gently firm
  • add short stake and remove plastic ties to cane
  • add vole guard
  • add cardboard mulch and bark chipping
  • hammer in long stake and attach wire deer guard with cable ties

About 20 volunteers divided into groups and we planted 46 fruit trees (apples, pears and plums).  Phillida provided a welcome tea break.

Descriptions of trees planted in Duke Orchard (pdf)

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