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Introducing the Landulph Orchard Green Project

In 2022, two fields near Landulph Church were made available by the Duchy of Cornwall via the tenant farmers, the Best family at Marsh Farm, for a Community Orchard.  

A grant from Farming in Protected Landscapes (FIPL) was received for 60 trees and fencing of the site.  Following a public consultation in early 2023, a working group of Landulph Parish Council was set up to manage the project.  In May 2023, an online survey was conducted.  Although there were only 21 responses, there were many suggestions about the ambience of the fields and the things should be included.  See link below for results of survey.  

A soil survey of both fields was undertaken as a baseline in March 2023.  Both fields appear mineral depleted to a degree with the upper field being most affected. The lower field although Nitrate depleted had positive levels of Phosphorus and Potassium.  Both fields tested alkaline, pH 7.5.

Why LOG?

Landulph does not have a village green and the project is about setting up a community orchard and green space, hence Landulph Orchard Green (LOG).  The upper field will primarily be an orchard and will be known as Duke Orchard.  The lower field will be used to provide a green space and will be known as Duchess Green.  The LOG logo and associated graphics have been developed by local artist, Gill Mannings Cox.

Rainwater Harvesting System

LOG have been successful in applying for a grant from the Tamar Valley ANOB Sustainable Development Fund for a rainwater harvesting system to be used for watering the trees.  The work on this was completed by LOG volunteers in February 2024 - it provides piped rainwater taps to both fields for watering planting - see rain water harvesting pictures

Development of Landulph Orchard Green

Following on from the consultation, the working group decided to develop Duke Orchard first, followed by Duchess Green.  

Opening of Duke Orchard on 27 April 2024

A summary of the project to date was produced for the official opening of Duke Orchard. 

Survey May 2023 results (pdf)

Soil Survey Results March 2023 (pdf)

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