Views over Cargreen village, Cornwall Views from Cargreen over the Parish Views over Cargreen Children's Play Area at Cargreen Landulph Church Landulph School Celtic Cross in Landulph Parish, Cornwall Methodist Church in Landulph Parish, Cornwall Landulph Memorial Hall, Cargreen, Saltash, PL12 6NF

Council Agendas and Minutes Archive 2019

Date Comments Agenda Minutes
16th December 2019  AgendaMinutes
25th November 2019  AgendaMinutes
21st October 2019  AgendaMinutes
16th September 2019  AgendaMinutes
15th July 2019  AgendaMinutes
17th June 2019  AgendaMinutes
20th May 2019Annual Parish Assembly  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
20th May 2019Annual meeting of Landulph Parish Council  AgendaMinutes
15th April 2019  AgendaMinutes
18th March 2019  AgendaMinutes
18th February 2019  AgendaMinutes
21st January 2019  AgendaMinutes

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